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Root Canal Treated Teeth as a Potential Cause of Illness

Root canal dental surgeries are universally, in the knowledgeable natural health community, considered to be a significant health liability since they are dead anatomical tooth structures which are quite susceptible to reinfection, if indeed the infection has ever completely left them. Teeth are extremely porous internally and considered by many to be actually impossible to sterilize entirely of the bacteria which caused the tooth to become initially infected leading to the need for the root canal surgery in the first place. Read this link describing this situation in detail wherein the author quotes a German doctor who’s 40 years of practice have shown that 97% of his terminal cancer patients have root canals.

97-of-terminal-cancer-patients-previously-had-this-dental-procedure (click this link!)

And removing root canaled teeth properly is extremely important with the big concern here being that the infection, still silently present inside many root canaled teeth, can often leak out through the root tips to also quietly infect the tooth socket around the roots of the tooth. So the socket will most often be also infected along with the tooth, and the socket must be carefully cleaned out after the tooth extraction or the infection will simply continue to exist within the body. Most dentists neglect this extra work thinking that the socket will heal itself but the holistic dentist will be quite concerned about this problem and want to clear the socket of any remaining infected tissue after the extraction. Removing the tooth itself is just the first half of a job done correctly while also clearing further infection from the socket finally completes this procedure when it is done correctly. This will leave the patient as safe as possible afterwards from any hidden remnants of infection that could very easily travel or migrate throughout the entire body over time possibly causing illness and disease in organs and tissues even remotely far from the mouth area and for which the medical people will be unable to find the true cause.

This basic problem has much to do with the fact that dentists in North America are trained only in dental schools while, by comparison, European dentists, often much more concerned about total body health, must train first as medical doctors before they can specialize in dentistry like any other health care specialty. European doctors, like common sense farmers caring for animals, have been carefully trained to focus upon the influence of the health of the teeth as a direct indicator of the overall health of the entire body. While in North America, the teeth are commonly of little interest to the medical community which leaves dental problems solely to the dental community, there being very little communication between the two.

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