Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Pollution Case

David Suzuki is correct when he indicates to us all that everyday industrial pollutants, common to our unnatural, modern lifestyle of convenience do indeed cause illness.

This is not a fictitious story on his part, and, to corroborate David’s warning, here is a common case sample from my files that demonstrates a health problem due to environmental pollution:
This is the case of a boy in his late teens participating in a summertime, group, bicycle trip from Kingston to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada a few years ago. Having never met the family before, his parents called to tell me of his trip and how he had called them from his cell phone at the side of the road to please come with the car and pick him and his bike up because he was simply unable to continue pedalling due to a terrible pain that had developed in the right side of his upper back in the shoulder blade area. They called me because, at the time, I worked from a rural office close to his location. Could I possibly see him right away and try to help him??

I told them to bring him to the office asap! They arrived out front in the parking lot within the hour with one wheel of the bicycle protruding from the trunk of the car and I took him, groaning with  pain, into my office right away since he was suffering so badly. He had not fallen or injured himself at all and had no previous history of such a pain. I discovered, however, what I thought was a fairly serious case of liver irritation due to petroleum [gasoline] poisoning and I prescribed a homeopathic medicine designed by doctors, yes 100 years ago!, to remove petroleum from the body. He and his family then left with the medicine and strict instructions for him to take a dose of it every 20 minutes for the next several hours!

Most pollutants will adversely affect the liver, located in the right upper abdomen, which can send referred pain spreading from that organ to any location in the right upper quadrant of the body [especially the right shoulder and neck]. The heart will cause similar pains on our left side. The liver, our largest organ, functions very similar to the oil filter in our cars. That is, it filters all of our blood [about 5 liters in the average adult] every time it circulates out from the heart and back again thus cleaning out impurities so as to spare all our other organs [brain, thyroid, lungs, pancreas, etc] from the devastating effects of pollutants we absorb each day. Doing its job, the liver can become quite upset trying to contain all this poisonous chemistry to the point where it will create much pain which is normally treated with general pharmaceutical pain killers like Tylenol which are, themselves, toxic to the liver!

The next day the boy’s parents called me from their home again, this time to say thank you very much because their son’s pain had disappeared so soon after leaving the office and he felt so well that they drove him [and his bike, of course!] further along the route where they caught up with the group which he rejoined until they all finally arrived in Ottawa as planned. The boy called me himself also a few days later to thank me personally and to say that the day before the bike trip he had been refilling the gas tank in their family boat at their cottage on a nearby lake. Being in a hurry, he had refuelled while standing in the boat rather than taking the portable tank out and placing it on the stationary dock surface. Waves had come along rocking the boat strongly enough that he spilled a lot of gasoline into the bottom of the boat which he subsequently spent much time cleaning up with rags. This exposed him to strong gas fumes which he inhaled for quite a while during the clean-up and he wondered if that had anything to do with his severe pain the following day during the bicycle trip. I’ll leave it up to you to figure that one out!

In my next blogs I will move away from this, perhaps, too intense focus upon petroleum toxicity (you can see that I intercept petrol toxicity cases quite frequently!) and explore, for you, other cases from my files that are related to other types of pollutants such as the ‘heavy metals’ and then we will move on to cases that involve acute and chronic infections with actual germs. Please note that petroleum causes much more serious health issues than just back pain as evidenced by the fact that rates of Leukemia [cancerous proliferation of the red blood cells] are much higher amongst full serve gas station attendants. Keep in mind, as we move along, that, just as David Suzuki says, the pollutants weaken our immune systems so we cannot effectively fight the germs. These cases, as you will discover, are all strung together with this common theme.
Dr. Richard Putnam BA, DC, ND
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