Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Main Reason for Most Illness

A fantastic video at has inspired me to rant and rave again.

The main reason for most illness, pain and discomfort is the toxic effects of chemical pollutants. 35 years of experience as a 6 day/week, front-line, alternative, health care provider allows me to make such a bold statement. The bad news is that we are constantly bombarded with these toxins at every turn and there is no question in my mind that our daily exposure to chemicals in everything from the food we eat to our personal products and even laundry detergent, is causing most of our health problems.

The good news is that I seem to have stumbled upon this discovery AND the way to combat this very serious health problem, returning people to good health. Unusually hyper-dilute medicines prepared from each pollutant are taken as harmless templates showing the body what to repair.                        

The video at will be an eye-opener as most of us are completely unaware of how many chemicals we come in contact with on a daily basis. No matter how wonderful they may smell, these very dangerous, manufactured substances accumulate gradually within our tissues. Surprisingly, most perfume, cologne, make-up, deodorant, soaps and other products contain these toxins. What’s worse is that there are no laws preventing this and with no one protecting us we are all sitting ducks for disease!

The point of this blog is to shed light on the fact that industry is poisoning us and government is allowing it. They’d love to keep us all in the dark but I won’t stop blogging until they stop sneaking harmful chemicals into our bodies!

Dr. Richard Putnam, ND