Sunday, August 14, 2011


Many people whom I treat experience improved health from medicines that are intended to remove petroleum and petroleum byproduct contaminants from their tissues. As with tobacco, petroleum exposure will, hopefully, be recognized in the future as a societal health risk. However, until we arrive at the dawning of the post-petroleum era most of us in this modern oil-rich culture are experiencing daily petroleum intake that gradually bio-accumulates in our tissues over time.

Diminish your exposure as much as you possibly can by gassing up your lawnmower/snowblower, not in the garage, but rather outside in a breeze whilst standing upwind with the gas can. To avoid exposure when in heavy traffic, always drive with your heater recirculation activated in order to diminish the volume of combustion vapors entering your car’s ducting system from the vehicles travelling ahead of you. Be aware that, in many newer cars, if the windshield defogger heater vents are in the “on” position then the recirc function may be automatically turned off. As well, always refuel your car at a full-serve gas station to further decrease your exposure to the vapors.

Dr. Richard Putnam is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 35 years experience. For more information on Dr. Putnam please visit his website at