Friday, February 13, 2015

Understanding GI

The human digestive [gastro-intestinal] tract--also called the GI tract--is a lengthy hollow organ tubular system designed to process and absorb nutrient materials from our environment which fuel all of our internal biochemical processes directed at growth, repair and normal ongoing physiological functions.

The largest single digestive organ is our small intestine which carries out most of our digestive processes, absorbing into our bloodstream almost all of the nutrients from our food. The small intestine, contrary to its anatomical name, is an average 23 feet/7 meters long [~4 times longer than the human body!] and it has an undulating 'brush border' internal surface which greatly increases its average overall absorptive internal surface area for taking in food to ~250 square meters/~2,700 square feet, the staggering equivalent of the total surface area of a doubles-sized tennis court!
The large intestine, also called the colon, which follows, is, by comparison, only 5 feet/1.5 meters in length with simply a smooth internal surface which absorbs water from the remaining unwanted food materials that the body will later eliminate. The small intestine is called ‘small’ because its internal width is only ~ 1 inch while the large intestine’s width is ~ 3 inches giving us this paradoxical large and small naming confusion which is oddly based on measurements of the width rather than the obvious great difference in the lengths of these two very important hollow digestive organs.

Finally, again for comparison, the human esophagus [from the Greek oisophagos, which means ‘to carry to eat’] is a collapsed only 10inch /25cm long fibromuscular tube which dilates around food materials as it transports them downward to the stomach with the muscular action of swallowing. And the stomach, which is ~12 inches/~30 cm long and 6 inches/~15cm wide, is also a hollow organ but one that will greatly expand from an empty volume of ~ 50 milliliters/~ a 2oz shot glass to a full dilated volume of ~ 1 to even 2 liters or approximately one quart or more.

Next, we’ll discuss the digestive enzymes and acid production that actually break all of our food down for absorption because understanding how all this works helps us understand what is actually going wrong when we become ill and, also, how to fix it all using safe natural medicines that do no harm.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Heart Case for HT Month Feb 2015

Homeopathic Medicine as developed by German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), and a host of other contributing doctors who became very interested in his discovery, puts forth a brilliantly new and different perspective by which to better understand and successfully treat most cases of ill health harmlessly.

Homeopathic medicines are extremely diluted vaccine-like preparations made from all the pollutants and germs that harm and disrupt the human body and its organs, systems and tissues and also from the plants and minerals that strengthen them. The word ‘homeopathy’ translates to ‘same disease’ referring to the vaccine-like origin and preparation of these medicines. Homeopathic laboratories require several weeks to carefully manufacture each medicine using specialized equipment which dilutes and then aggressively shakes [similar to the action of a paint shaker] only one initial drop of the substance over and over again until it is mathematically impossible for even one molecule of it to be found remaining in the solution. This repeated dilution and vigorous shaking finally creates a water and alcohol molecular imitation of these often dangerous substances which are thereby made into harmless but still effective medicines as demonstrated in the heart [HT] case below. Each is a micro-vaccine mimic composed only of modified water and alcohol molecules which will induce the body to safely and harmlessly eliminate the same substance from its own organs, systems and tissues.

A True and Actual Homeopathic Medicine Heart Case
Burning chest pain and a racing 160 beat/minute heart rate--as if her heart would jump out of her chest--had forced a middle aged Ontario woman to the ER twice in the Fall of 2014. Defibrillator shocks to her heart and 2 ‘blood thinner’ pharma drugs [Xaralto and Avapro] from the medical doctors constituted her treatment although she continued to experience brief episodes of racing and skipped heart beats every day or two afterward. She could also both hear and feel her heart pounding in her ears upon any exertion such as climbing the stairs in her home. Continually worried and anticipating another emergency episode, she began seeking homeopathic alternative medical care and was given a sequence of homeopathic prescriptions which gradually, from October thru January, seemed to resolve her symptoms.

HT Case Treatment Summary:
Most cases of ill health of any type will be the final result of the cumulative negative effects upon the body of several environmental pollutants and low level chronic infections combined. Similarly, this woman with serious heart symptoms was successfully prescribed, over a series of 6 office appointments spaced approximately 2 weeks apart, a sequence of homeopathic micro-vaccine medicines that gradually reduced her heart trouble until she felt normal again. The medicines which unburdened her heart tissues are listed below. Understanding that all homeopathic medicines are very safe and non-toxic micro-vaccine mimics composed only of modified water and alcohol molecules which are made into a molecular imitation of the substance after which they are named and labeled, this woman’s heart problems responded very well to these natural medicine RX’s:

1]  Lyssin 30c--rabies vaccine thought to be brought home in the saliva of vaccinated house pets
2]  Penicillin 12c--from antibiotic prescriptions and treated non-organic meats
3]  AMetals 12c--a mixture of the 6 toxic metals found in metal amalgam dental fillings
4]  Tetanus 12c--for unkilled childhood inoculation
5]  Dptmmr 12c--for unkilled childhood combination inoculation
6]  Ruta graveolens 30c--an injury plant-based medicine
7]  Polio salk 12c--for unkilled childhood inoculation
8]  Varicella 12c--for unkilled chicken pox virus
9]  Paraquat 12c--the most common chemical herbicide
10] Toluene 12c--a common petroleum class pollutant--a benzene based grease and paint thinner solvent and octane booster for fuels--often contacted from the ink on store purchase receipts
11] Sulphuric Acid 30c--exhaust fumes
12] Zingiber 30c--homeopathic Ginger--used as an overall stimulant to the organs, systems and tissues

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