Saturday, February 18, 2012

Message in a Bottle

Successful homeopathic case reports always reveal so much clearly thought-out, biologically compatible, non-toxic health care delivery that it verges on the miraculous. This is why I use this system of medicine developed by a brilliant group of doctors from the 1800’s. And, since Homeopathy functions on the basis of the vaccine theory, the original reason for a now-cured illness is written on the label of the bottle of medicine that brought about the cure. This teaches us what to avoid in the future in order to stay healthy. For example, if homeopathic Penicillin gets you better, then you can be certain that you have been suffering from a residual Penicillin mould infection probably as the result of an earlier doctor’s prescription. So, in the future, we know to be very wary of a Penicillin prescription because we now know what misery it can cause in the long run. [This would be analogous to your house being invaded by ladybugs long after they have killed all the aphids in your garden. They don’t just stop there! They keep multiplying and searching for something else to attack!]

Another example would be the recent case of a woman [age 30] who complained to me of a 10 year history of heartburn, indigestion and fatigue. She had lots of burping and refluxing
/regurgitation of food back up into the mouth that was worse from consuming coffee or alcohol or food of any type. She also had mild nausea in the mornings and absolutely no appetite until lunch, after which the heartburn and reflux would just start up again. As well, she craved ice and was very fond of chewing ice cubes. Her case was cured completely over a 6 week period in the summer of 2011 using homeopathy alone and, to bring this about, the medicines used were 1] Mercury 12c [to minimize the effects of this common pollutant in order to strengthen the immune system] and 4 homeopathic vaccines to combat 4 germs that love to live in the human digestive tract: 2] Helicobacter pylori 12c, 3] Enterococcus 12c, 4] Campylobacter 12c and 5] Hepatitis B 12c.

She is now, after 10 years of misery, totally symptom-free since last summer and needs to take no follow-up medicines to stay well. And she does not crave ice anymore either [ice craving is a homeopathically known symptom of mercury poisoning], although I would expect this problem to return because metals are soooo difficult to totally remove from the body and usually represent a chronic health problem of their own. More on this and other cases later.

So, because this case went to a lasting cure using these homeopathic medicines, we know that this individual is immune-compromised, probably due to many years of carrying metallic dental fillings, and that she was harbouring these 4 germs chronically in her intestinal tract. The first issue to prevent any infections is cleanliness and cleanliness means washing well but also knowing where not to go to pick up germs.

Helicobacter is a bug infecting 50% of the population in developing/underdeveloped countries so holiday flight destinations to poorer countries should be avoided. Enterococcus has long been one of our normal  intestinal bacteria but has recently become one of the new, dangerous, antibiotic-resistant ‘super bugs’ found in hospitals, a trip to which can change your life. Campylobacter is a food-poisoning microbe and the Hepatitis B virus is associated with extended overseas travel and with body fluid contact such as during use of unclean needles as in getting a tattoo or having sexual contact. The characteristics of these infections tell us this person had probably been traveling overseas to poorer countries, had risky sexual or needle contact, had also consumed contaminated food and likely had been in a hospital or close to someone else that had been in a hospital. All avoidance lessons to be learned!

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